Vintage Poster - AutoCar Trucks - Cost Less Because They Do More Work

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Colorful vintage poster based on an ad for Autocar Trucks from the 1950's. A Peak Oil tanker is shown with a Peak Oil service station in the background and a tank farm in the distant background. The term peak oil was first used in 1956 by a Shell Oil Company geologist named Dr. Marion King Hubbert who proposed that oil production in the United States faced an irreversible peak. Such a peak did indeed occur in the 1970's, within a year of his prediction and we have since gone from the world's largest oil exporter to the largest importer and back to one of the world's largest exporters. Hubbert predicted the world as a whole would see peak oil happening somewhere in the 1990's but what threw his prediction off a few years was the huge drop in U.S. consumption due to the Arab oil embargo in the 1970's and a temporary switch to smaller cars. This poster is printed on high grade glossy photographic paper and poster size is 12x18 inches, backed with foamcore and shrink wrapped for extra protection. Also available in canvas that has been stretched over a wooden frame. Both formats allow for very easy wall mounting. Other sizes and backing materials are available-send email to Ships without the watermark.

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