Operation Manual-Air Brake System

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Operating Instructions, Air Brake System Including FMVSS 121 for Mack Trucks. A very nice booklet describing the air brake system and operating instructions. Chapters include the following: Introduction, Description of the Dual Circuit Air Brakes and Anti-Wheel Lock, Driving Characteristics, Operating With FMVSS 121 including start-up, tractor application, anti-lock warning light, low air pressure warning light, brake fluid or disc brake warning light and truck application, Normal Operating Dual Brake System ( 6 wheel tractor), Primary and Secondary Air Loss ( 6 wheel tractor), Normal Operating Dual Brake System ( 4 wheel tractor), Normal Operating System ( 4 and 6 wheel trucks), Trouble Shooting and Maintenance. Originally published in from 1975 and in revised form in May, 1977. Revised edition, reprinted from the original, highly illustrated with numerous pictures, charts and tables, 28 pages.

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