Mack Service Bulletins-Drivetrain

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An interesting series of Mack Technical Service Bulletins from 1959 and 1960 that were published for Branches, Distributors and Customers as updates that superseded previous service instructions. The following topics are covered in this special manual: Clutch Overhaul and Adjustment, Clutch Pilot Bearing, Clutch Release Lever Setting Gage, Mack Clutches-Adjustment and Interchangeability, Two Plate Clutches, Clutch Pedal Adjustments, Clutch Springs, Mack Unishift Transmissions (Improvements, Compound Shift Repair, Shift Rails, Min Driving Pinion, Shift Rail Oil Seal), Rear Axle-Complete Dis assembly and Reassembly, Testing 6-Wheel Trucks on a Single Axle Chassis Dynamometer, Setting and Timing Mack Spiral Bevel Gears, Differential Bearing Adjustment, Spiral Bevel Pinion Bearing Spacers and Shot Peened Spiral Bevel Pinions-Coarse Pitch Gears. Professionally reprinted, 155 pages.

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