Mack Operator's Manual B SERIES Trucks

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Mack Operator's Manual for B SERIES Trucks. A very nice operator's manual with the following major chapters: Data, Controls, Operation, Lubrication  and Maintenance. This manual covers the following models: B20P, B30P,T,X and S, B31P, B34B, B35B, B42P, B42T, B42ST, B42S, B42X, B421T, B41X, B43X, B41S B43S, B50T, B60P, B60T, B60LT, B60ST, B61T, B61LT, B61ST, B60S, B62SX, B61S, B63SX, B60X, B65LT, B70T, B70ST, B71T and B71ST. Several charts, diagrams, photos and charts are illustrated throughout the 85 page book; professionally reprinted.

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