Mack Highway Vehicle Service Manual for Mack Trucks 2

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One in a series of 3 Highway Service Manuals for Mack Trucks for Models R, U, DM, CF, RF, FL, FS, RL, RS, RD, DMM, RM, M, RWL, RWS and also F, MB, MC, MR, FM, WL and WS models. This is a massive manual more than 2.5 inches thick and is organized in 7 chapters covering the following: Introduction, Engine, Fuel System, Clutch, Transmission and P.T.O., Propeller Shaft and Rear Axle & Carrier. This large manual includes hundreds of pictures, charts, graphs, lubrication charts and wiring diagrams that would be especially useful for any repair or restoration project. Professionally restored and reprinted with spiral binding, approximately 1500 pages and covers the following revisions: 10/67, 8/69, 5/71, 12/72, 8/75, 9/77 and 10/79.

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