Mack F Model at the NYC Coney Island Yard

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A photographic print based on an original photo from the 1960's showing a Mack F model hauling for Main Trucking and Rigging from Paterson, NJ. A trolley car probably belonging to the New York City Transit System has been loaded onto the flat bed trailer in the Coney Island Yard. The Coney Island Complex of the New York City subway system is the largest rapid transit yard in the world. The Coney island facilities serves as the primary repair and overhaul shop for the entire system. It was built in 1926 and is a large 75 acre complex with three different yards. Additional info can be found at
Main Trucking and Rigging is the merit shop specialty contractor of Randy Scott Corp., the holding company and warehouse operator of heavy equipment. The original companies were started over 70 years ago and have been family owned for three generations since inception.
This interesting photographic print is printed on heavy, high gloss photographic paper, 12x18 inches, backed with foamcore and shrink wraped for additional protection. Also available in canvas that has been stretched over a wooden frame. Both formats allow one to mount these attractive prints on any wall surface with a minimum of additional materials. Other sizes and backing materials available-send email to

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