Mack Bulldog Magazine, Vol 1, No. 1

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Mack Bulldog magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1. A very rare issue of the famous mack publication published by Mack Trucks in 1947 with general offices at the Empire State Bldg., 5th Ave at 34th St., New York 1, New York. This is a very interesting piece of Mack history with a short note penned by A.C. Fetzer, VP. The short story on the inside cover traces the history of the magazine from its start in 1920 to its suspension in 1930 because of the depression. It  was restarted in 1947 because the industry had become competitive once more. The cover photo illustrates one of the first steps in the manufacture of Mack Trucks. High-nickel-chromium semi-steel, melted under laboratory supervision, is being poured into a mold for cylinder block castings. The back cover photo shows an LJ1D coming off the line at the Allentown, PA assembly plant. The inside pages have many pictures of period trucks and buses. This is a wonderful piece of literature that is sure to please; reprinted on high quality paper as an exact duplicate, 12 pages.

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