Lorain Operation and Service Manual

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Lorain Operation and Service Manual for Model TL-20 published by the Thew Shovel Co., Lorain, Ohio dated 1949. This manual covers the Crawler Mounting, Moto-Crane Mounting and the Self-Propelled Mounting with optional and interchangeable booms (Shovel, Lifting Crane, Clamshell, Dragline and Hoe). The manual is divided into two main sections as follows: GENERAL-Introduction, Booms Available, Convertibility of Machine, Definitions, Index, General Instructions-Safe Lifting Capacity, Major Assemblies, Parts, Preparation for Use and Safety Precautions: OPERATION-General (Brake, Air, Self-Propelled,Operating Controls, Instrument Panel, Throttle and Independent Travel), Individual Controls (Boom Hoist, Clamshell Holding Line, Shovel Crowd, Drag-In, Dragline and Hoe, Engine Clutch, Main Hoist Line, Independent Travel, Shovel Retract, Crawler Steering, Self-Propelled Steering, Swing, Swing Brake and Swing Lock Turntable). Professionally rebound and reprinted, 228 pages.

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