Ford Motor Coach Parts Catalogue 1937 Thru 1948

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Ford Motor Coach Parts Catalogue, 1937 Thru 1948. This is a large manual with 165 pages of parts, tables, diagrams and exploded views of various parts configurations. There are 25 chapters covering the following bus components: Wheels, Nuts, Drums; Brakes; Front Axle; Steering Gear; Rear Axle; Coupling Shaft; Frame; Muffler; Springs; Engine; Transmission; Clutch; Radiator; Fuel System; Generator; Battery; Starting Motor; Distributor and Ignition Coil; Lamps and Wiring; Heater; Hood; Shock Absorbers; Standard Parts, Bolts, Nuts Etc.; Miscellaneous Kits and an Alphabetical Index. The covers will require some restoration prior to reprinting.

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