Carburetor Repair Parts Kit for Cadillac Tank 1942

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Carter Carburetor Repair Parts Package No. 1334A for Cadillac Tank 1942. The repair kit includes the following parts: Flange gasket; Low speed jet assembly; Nozzle rivet plug; Idle port rivet plug; Needle and seal assembly; Bowl cover strainer; Pump strainer; Choke valve screws; Connector rod spring; Metering rod spring; Vacuum piston spring; Spring retainer; Intake ball check retainer; Pump plunger and shaft assembly; Metering rod-standard; Throttle valve screws; Throttle connector rod; Pump intake ball; Metering rod jet & gasket assembly; Coil housing gasket; Body flange gasket; Air horn gasket; Bowl cover gasket; Dust cover gasket; Connector rod washer; Pin spring and Countershaft  pin spring. The original box has been unopened and was protected by several layers of oiled heavy paper.

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